Our one stop shop for electronics, mechanics and software

Multidisciplinary lab

We have our own, well-equipped multidisciplinary lab. The one stop shop for the disciplines electronics, mechanics and software. Because of this integrative approach, we can do almost everything in-house and we don’t have to go to other parties. As a result of this you will always leave our company with a functional working prototype. And we are quite proud of this.


A device requires electronic components, control panel, switches, power, sensors, cabling, etcetera. We have equipment such as a PCB milling machine and an SMD furnace for developing our own printed circuit boards. We use our own stock of standard components such as single board computers and sensors to quickly turn your product idea into a functional prototype.



If a device contains electronics, display, controls, actuators and sensors, it requires control by firmware and (embedded) software. We have the expertise to control mechanics and electronics. And to connect a device via apps, to the cloud or to make it suitable for an Internet of Things application.


Almost every device needs a tangible housing. Robust, small, waterproof IP68 or a special shape We have 3D printers, a CNC router and a laser cutter to physically shape your product idea with different materials. Ideal for single pieces, product samples or small series.

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