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Lifelong learning. It can’t be otherwise with the current speed of development. An important and not-to-be-missed development is the Internet of Things (IoT). We can really tell you all about that.

IoT is a network of physical objects; devices, vehicles, buildings and other things. These objects are equipped with electronics, software, sensors and a network connection and can collect and exchange information with each other.

We offer three workshops for those who want to explore this interesting domain further. This usually happens ‘in company’. The workshops are guided by an experienced IoT and business consultant, Manfred van der Voort. Manfred is an ambassador for TheThingsNetwork and in that role is involved in the development and rollout of this Community Internet of Things Network. Depending on your foreknowledge and wishes, you can choose one of the following variants of this workshop.

IoT | as a bird’s-eye view

This concise variant of the the Internet of Things workshop focuses on getting an overall picture of the opportunities and possibilities of the Internet of Things for your organisation in as short a time as possible.

IoT | default

The standard version of the workshop the Internet of Things theoretically delivers the same as the concise version, but also offers the possibility to gain experience together by creating a Internet of Things case as a team. It is a workshop in the literal sense, because it also uses electronics, sensors, software and a Internet of Things network.

IoT | in depth

The extensive version of the workshop the Internet of Things goes one step further than the standard version with the theoretical and practical application. A general Internet of Things case will be made spread over two days. On the second day, a completely tailor-made package will be available with which the team – supervised and facilitated – will make its own prototype of the case that was identified as promising in the previous day.

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