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Patent research service

patent research service

Suppose you have developed a beautiful and innovative idea to develop a product and/or service. Then at some point 2 questions arise:

  1. Is this idea truly unique and does another party not have a patent that can block you from developing it yourself?
  2. With all the efforts ahead, do you want to have your unique intellectual idea protected yourself so that it really is your own invention?

To gain insight into these questions, we have developed a patent research service.

What is it?

We carry out a light and limited form of patent research by having an accurate description of your idea searched the global patent database by means of artificial intelligent. Its results are enriched with manual examination of the 15 most relevant results.

What’s in it for you?

It provides a report of up to 3 x 30 companies, competitors and patents. Of this initial list, we manually investigate 3 x 5 that seem to apply most to your invention. With this result you get an indication for:
  • possible patent infringement
  • possible opportunities to make a patent application yourself

How does it work?

  • We describe the idea and submit it for assessment, enrichment and approval.
  • That is a description of at least 50 words and a maximum of 250.
  • That text is translated by us into English and fed to the search engine we use.
  • A standard report as described above follows
  • We then make a selection of up to 3 x 5 results, which we then indicate relevance and possible patent infringement
  • We bundle these two results and deliver them digitally as a tailor-made report

What is the cost?

  • The costs for this are €875,- ex. VAT

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