Since 2018, ICR3ATE has been working with the StartHub Wageningen. The StartHub is a startup incubator for students and PhD’s of Wageningen University. Students are challenged by a diverse program that challenges their innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

From inspiration to realization

This program consists of three phases: inspiration, idea development and realization. In its final phase, ICR3ATE helps StartHub students answer difficult questions during the Expert Carousel Bootcamp, where students can ask different experts their questions. At this stage, students have developed their idea concretely and help questions have arisen that they can ask experts, such as our software developer Aqil.

One of the questions was from a two who wanted to realize a better data infrastructure within an organization, with the aim to improve the ‘life cycle assessment’. These ladies had figured out a way to better sort and recycle plastic, but didn’t know how to make data work for them within existing organizations. In this case, Aqil has provided advice on the use of a data platform like Azure.

As a startup incubator of Wageningen University & Research, we work daily with entrepreneurs who work their product to create a valid and feasible solution to a particular problem. — Friso Schut, relations manager

Other students have already found their way to ICR3ATE before the Expert Carousel Bootcamp. ICR3ATE is known as a prototyping partner within the community of the StartHub Wageningen, so students ask specific questions about prototypes by mail or phone.

In some cases, the student builds a start-up, after which ICR3ATE does the development of the prototype. It is, of course, a lot more convincing to be a start-up Prototype instead of a few pictures on a power point. But some startups are also developing their own prototypes, with ICR3ATE playing an advisory role.

“We lacked capacity in the field of hardware development”

This is how the collaboration between ICR3ATE and
came about. The founder of Cowmas,
Askhat Zhanibek is connected to the StartHub network and thus came into contact with Manfred of ICR3ATE. Askhat says the following:

“Since September 2019, we have been in contact with ICR3ATE. The first few months we exchanged many ideas and worked hard to improve our concept. Since February 2020, when our concept was complete, we started working closely together in the realization of the concept: sensory ear tags for livestock.

We have a team of software engineers and business developers and lacked capacity in the field of hardware development. ICR3ATE has helped us with this. We started the prototype process with the design session. In retrospect, we only realised how valuable that was when we received a detailed report with various solutions for the product we had in mind. From the beginning I noticed that Manfred actively thinks along in finding the right product properties. The report has laid the foundations for the further development of the product. It was precisely because of this that we knew exactly what product characteristics the product had to have before we put it on the market. And how phased we wanted to do this.”

Cowmas uses IoT sensors with its own software and Ai and ML protocols. This enables it to better manage the health of livestock, determine location and track other activities in real time.

ICR3ATE mainly helps in the design and validation process of our students

Starthub Wageningen is pleased with ICR3ATE as a prototyping expert within the community. Friso Schut, relations manager at Starthub, says: “ICR3ATE’s expertise on prototyping enables (start-up) entrepreneurs in our community to make their product properties more concrete and test. In this way, these entrepreneurs can better support their ideas by understanding developed prototypes. ICR3ATE has a lot of experience with the design and validation process which is crucial for both the entrepreneurs and for us, because this is the thinking we convey during the workshops and courses we organize for entrepreneurs.”

In the meantime, Cowmas is entering the next phase of the hardware development of the sensory ear tags. “We are continuing our collaboration with ICR3ATE and we are pleased that StartHub Wageningen has enabled us to get in touch with such an expert in this field.”

ICR3ATE has been working together since the beginning of 2019, StartHub Wageningen and has been an expert in prototyping since then. The cooperation with Cowmas is an excellent example of this.

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