White paper: the art of prototyping

What does a prototype yield?


You’ve probably had an innovative idea where you thought, ‘this is going to make me conquer the world!’. Perhaps you have noticed that when you explain such an idea to someone else, one often understands part of your story. Many people find it difficult to imagine a new idea.

By making such an idea tangible, it is easier to take others with your idea. That’s exactly what we mean by prototyping: materializing your innovative idea.

In this white paper you can read from what perspective ICR3ATE does this and why that is important. A good prototype is created by a number of success factors that we share with you. We hope the white paper contributes to your innovative idea. Can we think along with you about difficult issues? We offer non-binding consultancy for innovators. Plan an appointment with our AI assistant Amy here and we’d love to welcome you to our lab or via Google Meet!

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