Remote Robot Management

Remote Robot Management with Automatico

System integrators and SMBs in manufacturing & logistics are using or want to use robots. After all, it is well known that repetitive human actions can be easily automated with robots. And we need it; 9 out of 10 companies are facing staff shortages. Except that a robot brings great complexity. Where robots were previously high investments with complex user applications, this is now no longer the case due to Automatico Remote Robot Management (RRM).

Our clients use Automatico RRM to future-proof their business and increase scalability. Find out why now is the perfect time for SMBs to start robot automation.

How exactly does Remote Robot Management work?

Automatico RRM makes it possible to control remote robots without specialists present on the shop floor. Robots are programmed and simulated remotely. The robot is then put into action on the shop floor via a LAN/Wifi/4G network. The robot (and thus the production process) is then managed remotely. All the benefits of Automatico RRM for System integrators and SMBs:

Robots are easy peasy

Robots are easy to manage. With the right simulation software, the complexity of robots is reduced.

Low production costs

Robots are affordable. Start with Industry 4.0 from €125 per robot (excluding service and add-ons). Get the rate overview.

Maximum flexibility

Robots are flexible and endlessly adjustable for various purposes. Have the robot controlled remotely by remote experts.

Infrastructure remote robot management

Start implementing Remote Robot Management

Automatico RMM has the knowledge, software and hardware to implement a robot on your shop floor. With IoT, Device Gateway or an Access controller, the robot is installed on site and connected to Automatico software. Sensors, cameras and other add-ons are installed and tested. The robot connects to a LAN/Wifi/4G network, making it remotely controllable via an app on mobile. Discuss all possibilities in a video call with Manfred van der Voort.

Automatico is part of ICR3ATE

ICR3ATE has been an innovation and prototyping partner for SMEs and corporates since 2015. Our technicians have years of experience in the implementation and application of robots. To help more organizations reap the benefits of remote robot management, Automatico was created.



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