Team Before Self.

This application is to complete different challenges with your team. The challenges need to be completed in physical world but needs to update the results in the app. The first team who completes
the challenges first will win

Team before self is an app that helps people overcome struggles and motivates them

Team before self is an app that helps people overcome struggles and motivates them. It is designed for military veterans and non-veterans alike. The idea behind the Team before the self app is to help you overcome your fears, health problems, and learning teamwork, and divide and conquer. Every user will be on a team. Teams will be given a number of challenges. All teams are divided into four roles based on abilities. Each team will be led by a team leader, navigator, assistant leader, and at least one other member. The App resembles the work of real teams in order to accomplish the goal.

Project details


Team Before Self


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Technologies used

AppGyver, Strapi, NoteJS, Stripe

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Co-creation works

effective and fast

Co-creation ensures a more effective and faster process during application development. Applicr3ate programs all functionalities so that the designed buttons work. This is great for clients who would like to develop an application but do not have any technical knowledge in-house. Co-creation ensures that we switch quickly and that we develop the application together with the client. This means that the collaboration is more intensive and that you as a client are proactive in the project. But this is offset by a short line and application development at a modest budget.

  • Co-creation means we involve the client during the development phase of the app.
  • First we asked what the customer expects from the app, because that determines how we can create a product that is both appealing visually but also solves a problem for his business.
  • In the next step, we had a brainstorming session where we brought out everything that our client wants out of an app.
  • The client was very involved in the development process, so when it came to choosing a typeface, visual effects, and composition of images he had a strong opinion.
  • We were able to help him with our experience in consumer research to find out how consumers would react to his product without even tasting it or seeing it on shelves.

Tools used

Applicr3ate works with more than 40 tools divided into 4 types of applications:

  • User Interface
  • Business Logic
  • Integration
  • Infrastructure
User interface
business logic

Within the Team Before Self project, Applicr3ate has mainly used the following tools: AppGyver, Node.js, PostgreSQL, PostgREST, Express gateway, Stripe. 

Express Gateway

Custom BaaS

Backend as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud service model in which developers don’t have to deal with “behind-the-scenes stuff.” They simply need to focus on the app’s front. User authentication, database management, and push notifications for mobile apps are all things that BaaS providers offer. Applicr3ate has its own custom BaaS. In custom BaaS, we build the a-z functionality by combining the various technology components. We (ICR3ATE/Applicr3ate) provide custom BaaS to our clients. In custom BaaS, we cover all backend functionalities, including data accessibility and security measurement.

● Backend lavrages on PostgreSQL database for storing and
retrieving the data.
● PostgREST has been used on top of database to provide access to the data in database with APIs.
● Express Gateway has been used to secure the APIs
● The app has been build with AppGyver
● Stripe payment gateway has been implemented for payments

” After speaking with fellow Veterans, I realized that this was more common than not. I decided to try and find a way for Veterans to connect and again work together towards a common goal.

The “Team Before Self Competition” is a Team versus Team, holistic health competition designed to be integrated within your busy life. Holistic health? Do you mean like spirit crystals and journaling my feelings? Not really.

In our view, holistic health is about STRENGTH. STRENGTH of mind, STRENGTH of body, STRENGTH of relationships, and STRENGTH of purpose.

When we served, we pushed one another. We pushed the limits of what we thought we were capable of because we were part of a team, and losing wasn’t an option.

Losing is still not an option. Your families, your communities, and your country need your strength and your leadership. Your service is not over. Get your team together.

Rob Mendal


Team Before Self

This application is to complete different challenges with your team.

Each team have different role in the app like:
● Leader
● Navigator
● Teammates

Team will be given different routes and each routes will have different challenges. Navigator is responsible for selecting the route for challenges. All team members contributes to team progress.

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