Development DSP platform for a sound manipulation device


We have received an R&D assignment for the development of a prototype of a compact device with which sound can be manipulated. This manipulation consists of omitting (ambient) sound and being able to add sound elements. For this assignment, we will initially develop a standard DSP platform and the software for the sound functions. After this basis has been realized, functions are added and the current still general hardware custom is made and miniaturized.

DSP Development Board

For a good description of a DSP, please refer to the Wikipedia article that is included.

Chosen means

For this assignment we opted for an Analog Devices DSP with ADC and DAC on a development board.

Sigma DSP

The SigmaStudio software that we use to put together the (complex) sound functions is a kind of low code platform. With knowledge of sound, signal processing and mathematics, you can put together the operations. That shows the following description nicely.


This assignment is carried out under confidentiality. At this stage, therefore, it cannot be communicated as much as we would like.




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